pea and mint soup perfume - ready!


The distilled soup of yesterday's is not transparent because of the white foam flown into it.
So I'll distill it again.

The distillation went on till the next day (18/11).


No.1 - 30ml
No.2 - 30ml
No.3 - 30ml
No.4 - 30ml
No.5 - 50ml 

I've stopped distillation after achieving 170ml in total.
The first two bottles contain the scent, but the rest don't.
It was not condensed as I've expected. I wonder why.

The conservation middle (Euxyl K) was added at 0.02 %.

The preparation was almost finished for the event on the 22th of November, but it's just canceled this morning. The father of the initiator has passed away. It's a very sad news.

comparing soup to a perfume


FoAM asked me to make a perfume of the "pea and mint soup" for their event on Nov. 22nd, so I've distilled the soup.

Fresh mint

200g green peas.

After being soaked in the distilled water for 2 hours, they're boiled first in order to prevent creating too much foams in the flask.

Pour the soup in the flask...

... and add some mint.


The distilled soup: an essential oil of the mint is on the surface.

If I would compare the soup to a perfume...

mint = top note
pea = middle/base note

To spread something green when serving a soup to create the "top note" is a quite common technique to be seen all over the world. For example, fresh coriander for the lentil soup, and mitsuba-leaves for Japanese osuimono.

This extract of "pea and mint soup" is not the best one because the mint scent is too present, and it's dominant not only as the top note but also as the middle/base note.

The cause could be:
- too much mint being used
- the pea was non-organic


This time I'll extract only the pea soup (with the organic pea), so that I could make a cocktail with the mint extract later, just like creating an accord in perfume.

It's running since the beginning of the afternoon till now at 22:00.
The white foam of the soup has flown into the cooler, so the distilled water is not pure anymore. Tomorrow I should distill it again to achieve the transparent still.


some experiments...

It's an experiment for the FoAM event on 22nd of Nov.
Curious what I'm doing...? That's secret!

Autumn Leaves - soxhlet extraction -

Since a month ago the street is filled with the scent of the autumn leaves.

Platanus, Cherry, Ginko trees, etc... (also collected my favourite ginko nuts)

Wash them, and make small peaces...

Then in the tea bag.

Soxhlet extraction

2 teabags, repeating 2 or 3 times for the each one.

The next day the extract has been concentrated.

The extract contains some tar.

The rest of the leaves are soaked in ethanol.

The scent of the nature, walking in the forest.
Somewhat similar to the tea scent.


Pea and Mint Soup - distillation -

Pea and Mint soup distillation

Pea soup is Dutch traditional soup just like miso-soup for Japanese.

  • pea (splitserwten) 100g, soaked 3 hours in water)
  • mint
  • distilled water 400ml

The bubble doesn't stop!

The bubble flew into the cooler...
So I added the oil and lowered the heat.

Nice scent. Mint and pea are both characteristic scents but when they are together it's difficult to identify them. But it's gourmet type of smell, and I was getting hungry from it.


Workshop of making a perfume - the scent collection of Holland -

On 3rd of Nov. 2007, I gave a workshop on making a simple perfume at CBK Almere Corrosia, The Netherlands.

There were 6 participants. They made a perfume with their memorial scents.

  1. the scent of 'spruitjes' from own garden ---> pickled in alcohol

  2. a cocktail of cheese, flower, almond snack, hair moose, and the white wine ---> pickled in alcohol

  3. the scent of 'speculaars' of the Sinterklaas festival ---> pickled in alcohol

  4. the scent of the dog ---> his teddybear pickled in powder

  5. the scent of baking bread ---> water distillation while baking bread in the flask

  6. the scent of hey ---> soxhlet extraction

When the workshop was finished, the opening started.
During the opening the distillation and extraction machines were continuing their processes.
The pickled scent will be extracted during the 2 months exhibition period. That means, the visitors will smell the scents in process.


Miso Soup Perfume

It's a perfume in the form of the air spray.
You spray it in the air, and smell the air.

Exhibition at Kubus in Lelystad, The Netherlands.


distilling Miso Soup

exhibition: Fort Europe
at: Corrosia, Almere Haven, The Netherlands
date: 03/11/2007 - 30/12/2007
opening: 03/11/2007 from 15:00 -
my scent workshop starts at 14:30

I've distilled miso-soup to make 'Miso-Soup Perfume'.