Emio Greco | PC

I've seen the performance Purgatorio (premier) by Emio Greco | PC at Holland Festival. My project of extracting the dancers' sweat was done for this dance company.

In the ctalogue/magazine Purgatorio my perfume works "7 smells" is exclusively introduced.

7 smells, 33 euro. For ordering please contact EG | PC.

During the performance I was guessing the person for the each smell, but that totally failed. The smell does not correspond to how the person looks. Clear.


a review on the dancers' scents

This is a review by someone who came to the presentation (written in Dutch)


Body Odor as the Outer Skin - finished -

Here follows the documentation of the project "The Body Odor as the Outer Skin" that I've been working these 2 months.

(previous post concerning this project)

The project was developed in commission by the dance company EG| PC. The dancers' sweat from the rehearsals was all extracted and put in the bottle as a perfume. All the 7 bottles contain the different body odor from the different person. It's the perfume for smelling rather than wearing.

(Draining the clothes. After that the new one is being stuffed in the liquid, so that the scent gets more and more concentrated.)

(Distilling afterwards helps more concentration)


(Making the balance between the scents, so that all smell equally strong)

(Making the balance of the top/middle/base note of the scent. When the top note is missing, I add the raw liquid. It's the important process using the nose.)

(Checking how they smell with the mini bottles)


(each 200 bottles)

(7 scents in total)

(1400 bottles are made in the end)

These perfumes are meant to be sold during the Holland Festival , in occasion of the dance performance by EG | PC.