Edible Perfume Workshop in Tokyo

some more photos.

photo by one of the participants


Edible Perfume Workshop in Tokyo

Edible Perfume Workshop

organized and sponsored by Kaori-aru-project

January 11, 2009, 14:00 - 17:00
at Sekido Public Hall in Tama-city, Tokyo
15 participants

In a setup between a lab and a kitchen, Edible Perfume Workshop was taken place.

The workshop room was filled with the delicious aroma's and energy from the participants. FM Tama was reporting the entire workshop.

Let's see what the participants brought with them as a flavour couple.

  • coriander & yuzu
  • roubai plum & pine
  • apple & lavender
  • lemon grass & shitake
  • Thai ginger & lemon grass
  • Mongorian cheese & Edelwise
  • Cherry blossom pickle & mango
  • raw sugar of sugar cane & Oolong tea
  • ginger & butter
  • spinach powder & yuzu
  • sisho & lemon
  • yuzu & cardamon 

After consulting with each person on extracting temperature and medium, each person started preparing the food materials.

An undefinable mixed aroma was filled in the workshop room.

The processed food materials were packaged in the special bag, and then the solvent was poured over them.

Extraction in progress. Some of the fresh ingredients were not heated up but warmed with the body temperature by hands.


Transparent liquid flow into the bottles.
"Beautiful!" Many people were impressed by the colors.

Two flavours were composed to a new creation.

After each composition, the created flavour was exhibited on one table. Everyone tasted each other's creation by dipping a sort of eatable paper in the flavoured oil or liquor.

There are in total 15 flavours. Our tongue got confused.

All the flavours were somewhat surprising and at the same time delicious.