Lecture at Communication & Multimedia Design - Avans Hogeschool in Breda

Last night I gave a lecture at :
Communication & Multimedia Design - Avans Hogeschool in Breda

The other lecturers were: Caro Verbeek and Peter de Coupere

What a gorgeous meeting!

It's quite surprising to see such media school wanting to deal with smell.  When I studied in this discipline (already 20 years ago) there was no such interest at all!

I have let them smell the "deconstructing Chanel No. 5".

It was a part of 48 hours camp "SWEATSHOP".  Looks fun!


Olfactory Games - final presentation

Smell and Art - an introduction to artistic use of the medium of smell -

It was a course given by Maki Ueda (www.ueda.nl) at Interfaculty Art Science (www.interfaculty.nl), an interfaculty of Royal Academy of Arts (www.kabk.nl) and Royal Conservatory, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Smell and Art: introduction to olfactory art. A half is finished.

My dream is, to have my own atelier / workshop somewhere in a beautiful location in Japan, and give such workshops frequently for anyone from the world.

I've been receiving such requests before.  I felt always pity to say "Sorry, I don't have such occasions."

So this class is for me the basis for my future.

In the second half we're going to develop olfactory works.  Not just an artwork. It's going to be "olfactory game".



Smell and Art: introductory course to olfactory art practice

I'm giving a course "Smell and Art" at Art Science interfaculty (www.interfaculty.nl) during 3 weeks in October. The final assignment of the course is: develop an olfactory game.

the blog site of the course: