Upcoming events: Sep, Oct, Nov

I'll be in The Netherlands in the later half of September, giving  a course at Art Science Interfaculty of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

In a meanwhile I'll be giving a workshop at Camerajapan Festival in Rotterdam, on The Tale of Genji on the 23rd of Sep.

Also I'll be attending Odorama at Mediamatic on the 21st of Sep.

Back to Japan on the 3rd of Oct.  On the 12th of Oct, I'll be giving a lecture at Keio University SFC where I graduated from!

Olfactory magazine NEZ will be published wherein my works are reviewed.

I'll also be making a show, or premier of new (but prototype) installation at my home base, Ishigaki Isl, somewhere in Oct.

In Nov, a presentation is planned in Tokyo (17th?)

That's it so far... see you all around!