Today's Scent 2012.10.16.

The scent of micro organism.


one scent per day 2012.10.12.

Autn leaves. The breath of the forest.


SMELL BAR #4 at the Camera Japan opening

We amused a lot of people :-)

The next performance: Sat, 06-10-2012, 19:00-22:00, at Lantaren Venster Rotterdam


SMELL BAR #4 on 04/10 and 06/10 in Rotterdam, NL

by UEDA Maki

- A series of amuses for the five senses, with an accent on the sense of smell
- Inspired by Japanese kitchen and molecular gastronomy

Come to Maki’s little atelier and savour her mini-artworks to smell and taste. Extraordinary mini-cocktails and snacks, influenced by molecular gastronomy, with a Japanese touch. UEDA Maki is one of the few artists in the world using smell as a medium. Her interest lies in the scent in the real life, such as the smell of space, the smell of food and drink, the smell of a person, and the smell related to the memories. A CAMERA JAPAN favourite, she has presented her smell and taste related projects and installations worldwide.

Thu 04/10: 19:00-19:45 and 21:30-22:00
Sat 06/10: 19:00-22:00

5 euro p.p.
Approx. 5 min
Max. 20 people a day

Service: Leyla Cavusoglu (www.mfashion.eu andwww.leylafashion.nl)
Food and drink: Maki Ueda (www.ueda.nl)

Camera Japan Festival HP


Venue: Lantaren Venster

  • [MENU]
    (1) Treat for the eyes
    Cherry blossoms jelly (agar-agar-base) with green tea syrup and gold flakes

    (2) The sense of a taste experiment
    A small experiment for the sense of taste (and smell). Close your eyes and pinch your nose. Can you distinguish a slice of orange from apple?

    (3) Flavor synthesizer
    Eat or smell? Savor "umino-sachi", the sea flavor, but with your nose. Oyster perfume with soy sauce.

    (4) Inner body concert
    Eating is actually quite noisy! Wear ear plugs and eye shades. Player: Japanese cracker with nori seaweed.

    (5) Sensation
    Test tube cocktail - chardonnay and sansho pepper, with some surprise.

    * Preferably no perfume please
    * Suitable for vegetarian and vegan (if only inhaling)

    [Artist talk]
    Date and Time: Sat. 06/10 15:00-
    Location: Auditorium Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
    With demonstrations of my past works.