3 principle smells: experiments

I have experimented a bit for a new installation opening in July in Tokyo. Here are memo's:

It's a collaboration project with an architect Makoto Yokomizo .  In a semi-darkness you would explore the space  with the sense of smell, hearing, and touch.

Question are: how do we perceive the mixture of smells?  How do they mingle in the space? What could be the "3 principle smells"? And how to draw gradations?  How could I give the visitors motivation to explore by smell? 

Smell mixes in the space, that's the feit.  But I think it's possible to draw subtle gradations, from the experience of OLFACTOSCAPE.  

The system of air flow is custom made.  With anerometer I can detect some air flow.

1st experiment:

23/03 at home, 3.5-tatami space
3 principle smells:
(1) Citrus (Aromatheque)
(2) Geranium (Aromatheque)
(3) Ceder (Aromatheque)

2nd experiment:

25/03 at Tokyo Art University in Ueno, Tokyo, 6.5m x 4.5m, h3.5m, one side completely open to corridor
1st round from 14:05
3 principle smells:
(1)Petit grain (aromatheque)
(2)Arabisce Wierook (primavera) 乳香
(3)Jasmine (aromatheque)

2nd round from 15:45-
3 principle smells:
(1)Jenever  (aromatheque) 
(2)Ylangylang (primavera) 
(3)Cedar (Aromatheque )

・Ylang ylang 

3rd experiment:

26/03 demo at the office of Okamura Furniture. 8m x 8m, h2.5m.

3 principle smells:
(1)Jenever (aromatheque) 
(2)Geranium (aromatheque)
(3)Arabisce Wierook (primavera) 

More info comes soon!