One of my work was selected for the Rotterdam's Art Calendar 2012

One of my work was selected for the Rotterdam's Art Calendar 2012.  They chose  365 diverse works from artists, designers, and architects based in Rotterdam.  Will be published on the 11th of Nov!

Uitnodiging lancering Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2012

Op 11-11-11 is het zo ver: de Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2012 wordt gepresenteerd, gelanceerd en gevierd in LP2. U bent van harte welkom om bij dit moment aanwezig te zijn vanaf 17.00 uur.

De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender bevat 366 (schrikkeljaar!) werken van aanstormende en gevestigde Rotterdamse kunstenaars, fotografen, architecten, illustratoren en (mode)vormgevers. Daarmee laat de kalender de diversiteit en kracht zien van het kunstenveld in Rotterdam!

Tijdens deze lancering willen we met u allen hoopvol vooruitblikken op 2012. Wat gaan we doen in 2012? Het zijn hele spannende zo niet barre tijden voor de kunsten. We willen daarom deze vrijdagmiddag/avond aangrijpen om het aangename en het nuttige te combineren middels een hele grote idee-uitwisseling. Dit alles geflankeerd met een eenvoudige doch voedzame maaltijd en drank voor iedereen. Natuurlijk geven ook diverse types acte de présence, maar daarover later meer!

Wij hopen dat tout Rotterdam zijn of haar gezicht zal laten zien en van zich zal laten horen. Ook gaan wij er vanuit dat al de creatoren van deze kalender hun werk even laten rusten om samen te proosten op de schoonheid van Rotterdam en de Kunsten. Voor al die andere minder creatieven de kans om de mensen achter de werken in de kalender live te aanschouwen.

Het belooft deze 11-11-11 feestelijk te worden: hoera de Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender is dan een feit!

Kom langs en neem uw vrienden en/of familie mee zodat het echt gezellig wordt. Vanzelfsprekend is de kalender ook te koop op deze avond (27,50 euro).
Neem contant geld mee! (geen pin)

Vanaf 17.00 uur in LP2, Wilhelminakade 326 te Rotterdam

Hartelijke groet namens al diegenen die zich hebben ingespannen om de kalender te realiseren,

Michiel Houdijk, Rineke Kraaij en Gérard Steenbergen

michiel@trichis.nl / rineke@kantoorkraaij.nl / steenbergen@lp2.nl

Deze presentatie is mede mogelijk gemaakt door


OLFACTOSCAPE @ Lucena (Cordoba), Spain - photos

It was nicely opened on the 21st of October, 2011. I arrived in the middle of opening. I've heard that the person who made an opening speech, a respected artist who resides locally, was very interested in this work, because he himself has made paintings with orange smell. All the other works were nice and I knew almost all the artists too. The party became a nice reunion :-)

INTERVENTIONS | Lucena-Córdoba

INTERVENTIONS | Lucena-Córdoba
From 4th to November 12th, 2011
ILIOS (GR)Live Performace for specific locationPalacio de los Condes de Santa Ana, BasementThursday November 4th - 22:00

Bruce McClure - LIVE  (US)
Audiovisual performance
Teatro Palacio Erisana, Basement
November 5th - 20:30

Binaural Location Performance - Dallas Simpson (UK)Live Performance for specific locationIglesia de San Juan de DiosNovember 10th 19:00
Immersive live concert in darkness - Francisco López (ES)Multichannel acousmatic concertIglesia de San Juan de DiosNovember 11th - 21:00
Massages Sonores - Pascal Battus (FR)Live Performance for one person
Palacio de los condes de Santa Ana
November 10th from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 10:30 to 23:00, November 11th from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00
Archisonic - Mark Bain (US/NL)Live Performance for specific locationMercado Municipal de AbastosNovember 12th - 20:30
Teatro Palacio Erisana - Plaza Nueva nº1. Lucena
Iglesia de San Juan de Dios - La Calzada nº 1. Lucena
Mercado Municipal de Abastos - Plaza Alta y Baja nº 1. Lucena


3rd and November 4th, 2011

Palacio de los Condes de Santa Ana. Lucena

Somos vibración. Propiedades y uso del sonido, tácticas de excitación del espacio 
(Weare vibration. Properties and use of sound) - ILIOS (GR)

Sensxperiment 2011: Sensorial immersion 
mediateletipos.net / Sensxperiment

Visit mediateletipos.net/sensxperiment to see more specific english content  withreferences to some of the artists participating in 2011 . HC GilgeILIOS and Mark BainTelcosysitemsMaki UedaDallas SimpsonBruce McClure, the Dreamachineos other aspects of the exhibition like primitism, live cinema o relations withinteraction

Consultation on our details, times and locations or follow us on facebook andtwitter.

Weekend Proms

Palacios 32, 14900 Lucena (Córdoba).Spain







exhibiting OLFACTOSPACE in Lucena, Cordoba Spain


.20.10. - 13.11.2011
at Lucena, Cordoba Spain

20th October – 12th November 2011. Lucena-Córdoba
After ten years of activity Sensxperiment International Creation Meeting will be organized in a triennial basis, so most activities of the current eleventh edition will take place in October and November 2011, mainly in Lucena and Cordoba, Spain.
The topic chosen for this edition is ‘Sensory Immersion’.
We do not have to talk only about the history of arts and entertainment, this phenomenon has always been integrated in the quotidian experience and it appears also in most popular rituals, from the ancient indigenous cultures to all kinds of Western celebrations, in a rave or a metal performance.
Today there are a lot of artistic and entertainment pieces that promote themselves using extensively the term ‘immersion’. In many cases this term underlines their multisensoriality, hyper-reality or a somewhat intimate and subjective character, in other occasions it is maybe just a way to stress their magnificent technologies.
Anyway, let´s talk about what it is interesting for us and what we will deal with in this project. Our aim is to examine this elusive concept departing from a series of artistic works based mostly in the use of audiovisual media and with a special emphasis in topics related to the exploration of the surrounding, intimate and physical qualities of sound. The aim is to show recent works, but also relevant pieces from the past, all of them considered interesting mostly because (but not exclusively) of their value as perceptive experiences. We also would like to contextualize these kinds of work, examining them from a critical point of view. Several interweaved lines of investigation will be drawn, dealing with topics such as expanded and live cinema, the relationships between sound and space, the soundwalk, deep listening or the soundscape. In short, we are more interested in perception and the sensory than in the spectacular or the strictly technological issues behind many works catalogued as immersive.
The basic structure of this project ia a dynamic investigation process started in 2009 led by some of the editors of mediateletipos.net and it take form in a series of regular online publications, as an accompaniment for the physical events that will take place in this year (and some that taken place in the last year 2010). All the posts related to this project are published within the usual flow of the site, but they are grouped also in a special section.


exhibition at DESIGNTIDE @ Tokyo Midtown

Cosmetics that I was involved as a perfumer will be released soon, and in prior to that they'll be exhibited in Tokyo at the DESIGNTIDE exhibition.

2011.10.29 - 2011.11.03

inframince.inc | t i l d e _
Their project "skin and environment / touch: design from feeling" proposes the world be perceived through touching. The project started with the thought that new ways of thinking and productive lifestyle can be acquired by spending everyday life with different perspectives. Directed by PANTALOON, artist Maki Ueda blended new perfume for the skincare product line "t i l d e _". They give people the fragments of thoughts perceived through "touching".

With the key concept “skin as the contact point with one’s surrounding environment”, inframince.inc proposes skin care products that make people more confident in everyday life. “Inframince” is a term coined by Marcel Duchamps.

perfume _ tilde_

Maki Ueda 

An olfactory artist Maki Ueda developed for the fragrance of [tilde_] with the image of "skin tone".  It is not too sweet, somewhat dear, and transparent.

In the old Japanese language, there was no clear division in expressions for the color and the smell.  For example the word "niou (fragrant)" meant not only smelling nice, but also meant that the color of "beni" looks vibrant. (The "beni" color looks like mixture of red, pink and orange). There is a perfect example in the oldest poem book "Manyoshu" edited more than 1000 years ago.  The poem is about the beauty of a woman who is standing under a peach tree.  The pink color of the blossoms is reflected on the chin of the woman.  He says that the skin color of her chin is "niou (fragrant)".

Such unique Japanese sensitivity, somewhat synesthetic, became the starting point for the "skin tone scent".


an article about me in the magazine bouillon (a magazine for the Dutch top chefs)

Het 32e boekje in de reeks: zomer 2011
(er was ooit een 0-nummer. Vandaar dat dit nummer 31 toch het 32e boekje is. Het blijft lastig!). Een aantal van deze uitgaven zijn niet meer los te koop, maar de hele serie van 32 boekjes is nog te koop in het Rotterdammertje.
Het zomernummer wordt rond 15 juni verzonden naar de abonnees. Ach... u bent nog steeds geen abonnee...nou, dat kan hier geregeld worden.


Rotterdam in a fragrant of jasmine

I thought that someone was drinking a jasmine tea, but these trees with white flowers were the source.

Nieuwe Binnenweg and Witte de Withstraat are now in a fragrant of jasmine, on the 7th of May 2011.


Pecha Kucha @ Rotterdam, 03-05-2011

Next Tuesday I'll make a presentation at the Pecha Kucha evening... please come along. Submissions will be donated to the victims of the earthquake.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Pecha Kucha Night Rotterdam for the Japan earthquake victims
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /May 3, 20.00 hrs
'De Gouvernestraat' Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam.
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /Pecha Kucha worldwide requested all of its subidiaries in connected cities to organise 'Inspire Japan! sessions. Based on a proposal to donate the proceeds to the Japan eartquake victims through 'Architecture for Humanity' an aid programme lead by designers. Previous Pecha Kucha 'Inspire Japan! sessions were held in Nagoya, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Barcelona, Bangalore, San Francisco, Chicago, Prague, Milan, Berlin. We are proud to add Rotterdam  to this list. We are happy to invite you to the Rotterdam edition of  ‘Inspire Japan!’
This session will take place Tuesday May 3d from 20:00 hrs. Admission fee is 10 euro's which goes directly to Japan. End of this evening you will be posted about the total financial result.
The programme line-up is still fluid, but we expect at least 12 presenters amongst whom:

- Maki Ueda (olfactory artist)
- Yuko Uesu (film - DNA harp)
- Richard van der Laken (design)
- Gerald van de Kaap (artist)
- Bob Smit (gallery)
- Karel Doing (film)
- Vedran Mutic (contrabass)
- Tomáš Libertiny (artist)
- Richard Hutten (design)
Inspire Japan is a collective effort by Hunk-design, Designplatform Rotterdam and Theatre De Gouvernestraat. A sushi-bar will be present for your pleasure..!
‘Inspire Japan!’
We look forward seeing you..!  Bart, Gerrit, Jeroen, Lucas, Nadine, Willem.

date: May 3d 2011
location: '
De Gouvernestraat', Gouvernestraat 133, 3014 PM Rotterdam
doors open: 20:00 hrs
admission 10 euro = donation for Japan.


Season to Taste: How I Lost My Sense of Smell

Molly Birnbaum, the author of this book, has made an interview with me some time ago for this book coming out in this June. Writing about smell from the perspective of olfaction blackout.

excerpt from:

My first book, Season to Taste: How I Lost My Sense of Smell and Found My Way, will be published by Ecco/HarperCollins in June, 2011.
Preparing to become a chef, recent college graduate Molly Birnbaum spent her nights savoring cookbooks and her days working at a Boston bistro. But shortly before starting at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, she was hit by a car, an accident that fractured her skull, broke her pelvis, tore her knee to shreds, and destroyed her ability to smell—a sense essential to cooking. Devastated, Birnbaum dropped her cooking school plans, quit her restaurant job, and sank into depression.  
Season to Taste is the heartwarming story of what came next: how she picked herself up and set off on a grand quest to understand and overcome her condition. With irresistible charm and good cheer, Birnbaum explores the science of olfaction, pheromones, and Proust’s madeleine. She meets leading experts, including writer Oliver Sacks, scientist Stuart Firestein, and perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. And she visits a pioneering New Jersey flavor lab, eats at the legendary Chicago restaurant Alinea, and enrolls at a renowned perfume school in the South of France. Through Birnbaum we rediscover the joy of smell—from the pungency of cinnamon and cedarwood to the subtle beauty of fresh bagels and lavender—fall in love, and recapture a dream.


Smell in art:" Scents and Sensibility"

My friend, whom I really respect as an olfactory artist, Peter de Coupre, writes about an article of ArtNews on olfactory art.  2011 seems to be the new year of olfactory art.

excerpt from : 


Peter de Coupre

Sweat, gunpowder, grass, jasmine, pine, pollution, and patchouli are some of the odors wafting around galleries, museums, and studios these days as artists incorporate scent into the esthetic experience...   In the March issue of ARTnews magazine Barbara Pollack gives an overview of a lot of known contemporary artists in the field of olfactory art. 

I find it personally a very interesting article because it shows that there is a lot to say about smell in art and the strenght of it. I guess from every artist that is mentioned, - and it are a lot, you could write a totally new article about olfactory art and especially their way of exploring it.
I recommend it to read.
Just to give you an idea of the artists that are described and mentioned, you find a selected list here:
Koo Jeong A, HaegueYang, Maki Ueda, Federico Díaz, Kiki Smith,, Ernesto Neto, Marcel Duchamp, Ed Kienholz, Clara Ursitti, Sue Corke, Hagen Betzwieser, Gayil Nalls, Chrysanne Stathacos, Lisa Kirk, Christophe Laudamiel, Patricia Choux, Ulrich Lang, Daniel Bozhkov, Lovett/Codagnone, Sissel Tolaas, ...  and me, Peter De Cupere ;-)
Some specialists, -art critics, curators and historians, mentioned: Caro Verbeek, Jim Drobnick, Chandler Burr, Yasmil Raymond,...
Like you might have noticed some of them are member of this website. I hope a lot more will follow so this online olfactory community has potentional to increase.
There are of course a lot more olfactory artists that could have been mentioned, but it's good that the artworld starts to write more about smell as part of art so there'll be more attention to it. It would be nice that a forum like this website would be a kind of collection of artists that show there works with scents. I guess when the artworld has a wider overview of which artist is doing what with scent, they might be even more interested to see olfactory art as a real art and I'm not talking only about visual art in combination with smell but also just the gold liquid.
Or like Chandler Burr says in the article: “What interests me is helping people understand that these are actually works of art, that they are beautiful and esthetically important and meet all the criteria for art, equal in terms to painting, sculpture, music, architecture, and film.”
I guess a good way to show to a wider public that a fragrance can be a piece of art is to show it equal to visual art with a respect isolation to the environment. Actually for me it's clear that a scent can be an artwork. It's all about memory, feeling and reaction... a little molecule can throw you back in time. So actually it can have and often has more power than the visual aspect of an artwork. You can close your eyes but can't close your nose, - except when you are trained for it. The difference between the two is that the 'smell' works more on instinct and subjectivity based on the memory of a persons mind. The 'visual' is actually a way people have learned to look to things. Although they think that we interpret it on a subjective way, we have learned how to see and look to things.  There are symbols, signs, social aspects that people recognize and that they can translate by knowledge. The smell is more based on a subjective way of knowing than the viewer does. Most of the time we remember something by smell just because it was present at a certain time, so we learned unconscious the relation between a scent and a certain moment, a happening and all stuff that was present at that moment. The beauty of a smell is that you can make your own mental view based on your memory feelings and on the chemical process in the body that takes place. Already for this chemical reaction of your body on a smell, - thinking about aromatherapy (not that i personally see aromatherapy as an art, because than every therapist should be called artist, - what's in a name?), I think scent has the same rights to be an artwork. It's more complex to understand and there's still a lot to tell about.
But I would say, enjoy the article Scents and Sensibility. You can find it on


For those olfactory art fans... here is a nice website providing you info around olfactory art.  Very nice initiative.



Sukebeningen performance - for the senses -

Sukebeningen presents performances for the senses, based on the erotic novels by Junichiro Tanizaki.

On the 20th of March, 2011, there were 80 people visiting... totally packed at STEIM Amsterdam.

piece 1: MOON 月

It's a performance in the total darkness. (Therefore no photos...) You would feel the existence of the dancer with smell, sound, and wiff.  I have composed a scent of "white flower that blooms at night for attracting moths".  The scent was impregnated on a special fan that was used by the dancer.

piece 2: Shiju hatte 四十八手

"Shijuhatte" is the Japanese version of "Kama Sutra". I've composed a scent of cherry blossoms.  It was impregnated in the confetti and the dancer's kimono.

pice 3: The Tattooer (刺青)

The eros and the death are on one track.  
The scent of eros: Jinko
The scent of the death: Shoko 

Here's my backstage:


a Geisha was introducing my olfactory works in her radio program

It's almost a half year ago...  

I was introduced in the radio program navigated by a geisha MAKOTO.  She is a [real] Kyoto's geisha, or in other word geigi - meaning a professional Japanese dancer and entertainer, and also a jazz singer.  She also came to the opening of my exhibition where I exhibited works themed upon geisha's and Dutch men of 400 years back in Japan. ...  I was very impressed.  

Just for her honor I'd like to mention that "geisha" does not necessary mean prostitute as one imagines in Western context. She's the geisha carrying responsibilities of inheriting the real Japanese tradition.  She is sooooo beautiful!

(MAKOTO in wikipedia)  

excerpt from MAKOTO'S BLOG:「京女のつれづれ草」

SML9/23ゲストは匂いと臭覚のアーティスト 上田麻希さんでした!


オランダから お仕事で日本に来られている間に ご出演頂きました~。

彼女との出会いは 京都市若者会議U35と 京都造形芸術大学での世界アーティストサミットのコラボで 京都について話し合うという企画での出会いでした。

香りのアート?!っと、初めて出会うアートで興味津々な上に アックティブでさっぱりした上田麻希さんの魅力に引き込まれました。


そんな、麻希さんは 10/2~24まで大阪の阿波座にあります スペースアンフラマンスにて 展覧会をされます。

“匂い” って、良い匂い または その逆 いろんな角度から接してみると あたりまえに匂うものが 面白かったり、、という事に気づかされます。

10/2からの展覧会は オランダの匂いや 大阪の匂い、そして 江戸時代の芸者さんが使っていた 江戸時代コスメ?! などの展示をされています。

是非とも、珍しいアートなので 是非 お出かけ下さいませ~。

broadcasted on the 23rd of September, 2010
on Sweet Marble n' Lovers
alfa station Kyoto

review of my workshop - AROMASCAPE OF OSAKA (JP)

AROMASCAPE OF OSAKA workshop was given in Sep. 2010.

excerpt from: