The smell of early morning

This morning I woke up somehow around 5:00. It was still dark.
What a nice smell in such an early morning.... The smell of lives preparing for the day.
Go to sleep early, and get up early - I'd like to do it more often.

This is the photo from May 7th.
The trees are to be seen anywhere in the city, but I didn't know that the flowers smell so nice.
It was a bit similar to the scent of lily.


seaweed tincture

On May 10th I've started extracting the scent of the seaweeds.
The shore in Japan smells often like it, in addition to the smell of the sea water.
There are many soorts of seaweed in Japan, and people eat it as vegetable.
Once you dive underwater, you'd find that you are in the miso soup... with all the seaweeds making slow and fluid movement.

left: hiziki
middle: konbu
right: nori

Soak them first in the water for 10 min.
Add 3 teaspoons alcohol (pure) 70%

cherry blossom tincture finished

I have pressed the cherry blossom and got 20ml of its tincture.
The smell has ripen - very elegant now.


2nd week of the cherry blossom tincture

The old cherry blossom is taken out, and new one is in the bottle now.

... And the bottles next to the cherry blossom one contain different sort of sea weed.
I'm trying to extract the "smell of the shore" in Japan.


cherry blossom tincture

tincture of cherry blossom (memo of the tryout)

  • alcohol 99.8% (ethanol): 25ml
  • pickled cherry blossom: 25g, first unsalt it in water for 5 min.

Let it soak in the bottle for a week.
Shake every day
After a week replace the content with the new one, repeat it for 2 or 3 times.

It already smells very nice.