OLFACTOSCAPE @ Lucena (Cordoba), Spain - photos

It was nicely opened on the 21st of October, 2011. I arrived in the middle of opening. I've heard that the person who made an opening speech, a respected artist who resides locally, was very interested in this work, because he himself has made paintings with orange smell. All the other works were nice and I knew almost all the artists too. The party became a nice reunion :-)

INTERVENTIONS | Lucena-Córdoba

INTERVENTIONS | Lucena-Córdoba
From 4th to November 12th, 2011
ILIOS (GR)Live Performace for specific locationPalacio de los Condes de Santa Ana, BasementThursday November 4th - 22:00

Bruce McClure - LIVE  (US)
Audiovisual performance
Teatro Palacio Erisana, Basement
November 5th - 20:30

Binaural Location Performance - Dallas Simpson (UK)Live Performance for specific locationIglesia de San Juan de DiosNovember 10th 19:00
Immersive live concert in darkness - Francisco López (ES)Multichannel acousmatic concertIglesia de San Juan de DiosNovember 11th - 21:00
Massages Sonores - Pascal Battus (FR)Live Performance for one person
Palacio de los condes de Santa Ana
November 10th from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 10:30 to 23:00, November 11th from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00
Archisonic - Mark Bain (US/NL)Live Performance for specific locationMercado Municipal de AbastosNovember 12th - 20:30
Teatro Palacio Erisana - Plaza Nueva nº1. Lucena
Iglesia de San Juan de Dios - La Calzada nº 1. Lucena
Mercado Municipal de Abastos - Plaza Alta y Baja nº 1. Lucena


3rd and November 4th, 2011

Palacio de los Condes de Santa Ana. Lucena

Somos vibración. Propiedades y uso del sonido, tácticas de excitación del espacio 
(Weare vibration. Properties and use of sound) - ILIOS (GR)

Sensxperiment 2011: Sensorial immersion 
mediateletipos.net / Sensxperiment

Visit mediateletipos.net/sensxperiment to see more specific english content  withreferences to some of the artists participating in 2011 . HC GilgeILIOS and Mark BainTelcosysitemsMaki UedaDallas SimpsonBruce McClure, the Dreamachineos other aspects of the exhibition like primitism, live cinema o relations withinteraction

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Weekend Proms

Palacios 32, 14900 Lucena (Córdoba).Spain







exhibiting OLFACTOSPACE in Lucena, Cordoba Spain


.20.10. - 13.11.2011
at Lucena, Cordoba Spain

20th October – 12th November 2011. Lucena-Córdoba
After ten years of activity Sensxperiment International Creation Meeting will be organized in a triennial basis, so most activities of the current eleventh edition will take place in October and November 2011, mainly in Lucena and Cordoba, Spain.
The topic chosen for this edition is ‘Sensory Immersion’.
We do not have to talk only about the history of arts and entertainment, this phenomenon has always been integrated in the quotidian experience and it appears also in most popular rituals, from the ancient indigenous cultures to all kinds of Western celebrations, in a rave or a metal performance.
Today there are a lot of artistic and entertainment pieces that promote themselves using extensively the term ‘immersion’. In many cases this term underlines their multisensoriality, hyper-reality or a somewhat intimate and subjective character, in other occasions it is maybe just a way to stress their magnificent technologies.
Anyway, let´s talk about what it is interesting for us and what we will deal with in this project. Our aim is to examine this elusive concept departing from a series of artistic works based mostly in the use of audiovisual media and with a special emphasis in topics related to the exploration of the surrounding, intimate and physical qualities of sound. The aim is to show recent works, but also relevant pieces from the past, all of them considered interesting mostly because (but not exclusively) of their value as perceptive experiences. We also would like to contextualize these kinds of work, examining them from a critical point of view. Several interweaved lines of investigation will be drawn, dealing with topics such as expanded and live cinema, the relationships between sound and space, the soundwalk, deep listening or the soundscape. In short, we are more interested in perception and the sensory than in the spectacular or the strictly technological issues behind many works catalogued as immersive.
The basic structure of this project ia a dynamic investigation process started in 2009 led by some of the editors of mediateletipos.net and it take form in a series of regular online publications, as an accompaniment for the physical events that will take place in this year (and some that taken place in the last year 2010). All the posts related to this project are published within the usual flow of the site, but they are grouped also in a special section.


exhibition at DESIGNTIDE @ Tokyo Midtown

Cosmetics that I was involved as a perfumer will be released soon, and in prior to that they'll be exhibited in Tokyo at the DESIGNTIDE exhibition.

2011.10.29 - 2011.11.03

inframince.inc | t i l d e _
Their project "skin and environment / touch: design from feeling" proposes the world be perceived through touching. The project started with the thought that new ways of thinking and productive lifestyle can be acquired by spending everyday life with different perspectives. Directed by PANTALOON, artist Maki Ueda blended new perfume for the skincare product line "t i l d e _". They give people the fragments of thoughts perceived through "touching".

With the key concept “skin as the contact point with one’s surrounding environment”, inframince.inc proposes skin care products that make people more confident in everyday life. “Inframince” is a term coined by Marcel Duchamps.

perfume _ tilde_

Maki Ueda 

An olfactory artist Maki Ueda developed for the fragrance of [tilde_] with the image of "skin tone".  It is not too sweet, somewhat dear, and transparent.

In the old Japanese language, there was no clear division in expressions for the color and the smell.  For example the word "niou (fragrant)" meant not only smelling nice, but also meant that the color of "beni" looks vibrant. (The "beni" color looks like mixture of red, pink and orange). There is a perfect example in the oldest poem book "Manyoshu" edited more than 1000 years ago.  The poem is about the beauty of a woman who is standing under a peach tree.  The pink color of the blossoms is reflected on the chin of the woman.  He says that the skin color of her chin is "niou (fragrant)".

Such unique Japanese sensitivity, somewhat synesthetic, became the starting point for the "skin tone scent".