The world's most advanced restaurant: Tippling Club

A couple of days ago I gave a distillation workshop at a renown restaurant in Singapore: Tippling Club.

Few days later I visited them for a dinner.  They've just finished extracting fennel seed after two days permanent process.  I'm impressed that they took it as their tool and using it already.  

Mixing the fennel extract with oil.

It's a modern, cool place, at the same time very cosy and casual. The man in the center is Ryan, the top chef.

The course starts.  Soup that you suck from the tube, while you taste the garnish on top.

Chef's interpretation of Singapore.  Creamy curry with puff rice on top.

Oh no they've burned it... :-) No, it's intentionaly black, made with bamboo charcoal! Very tasty shishito pepper tempura.

Eggless Chawan-mushi.  No way!  It tastes like real chawan-mushi...   A bit of milk in enzyme makes it tastes like egg it seems.  I got confused.

An amuse with ham and "olive oil caviar".  Mediterranean flavour in mouth.

Which part is edible?

The egg found in the grass was not tasting like real egg but its texture was quite egg-ish.

A test tube cocktail.

Black and white dish.  Hamachi with black sesame, garnished with black-skin daikon.  It goes with coriander cocktail.  Very good hamachi!

Tako (octopus) cooked under pressure. The texture is like a chicken. Together with dry, aged white wine.

Dish with beets: cooked under pressure, grilled in oven for hours, etc.

Candied beet.  Crispy and sweet!

Wagyu beef, A class, from Kagoshima. Together with scampi, spring onion from Kagoshima, and organic cucumber. Very well prepared wagyu!

Dessert starts.  Meteorite chocolate.  Yummy!

"Cheese Cake Remedy"

Iceream that seems not like icecream...I mean, not frozen.  With freeze dry rhubarbar. Chef's interpretation of his grandma's dessert :-)  It goes with a cocktail flavourd with Dutch "dropjes" ... Very creative.  Make it in Holland, and people will be surprised.

The white one looks like a slice of bread but tastes totally different.  Freeze dry milk?

The course is finished.  Now we're starting the bar time.

A cocktail in Penhaligon's perfume bottle. Box is also perfumed.

Sweet raspberry fragrance.

Food for just not filling the stomach, but also for mind-blowing experiences:
Tippling Club: