The Scents of Holland - releasing @ Kunstsuper

On January 19th 2008, The Scents of Holland is released at Kunstsuper, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In the morning of that day, the hyacint gave flowers so I've extracted them right away. Thus, there became five different scents in the package.

  • Autumn Leaves (Herfstbladeren)
  • Speculaas spices (Speculaaskruiden)
  • Dutch Cheese (Belegen Kaas)
  • Dutch cuisine Brussels Sprouts (Spruitjes)
  • Hyacint

"It smells like grandma..." (smelling the Sprouts)
"It gives another perspective to the Dutch scents that we are normally smelling."

There were also people who have purchased the scents.


extracting the Brussels sprouts

It's a kind of smell that you don't want in your house. Very distinctive.
In Dutch saying, 'spruitjesgeur' (the scent of the sprouts) means the boarding house smell!


Releasing The Perfume of Holland

On this Saturday at Kunstsuper in Rotterdam, I'll release The Perfume of Holland.

It's a compilation of the Dutch scents that I've extracted myself.
  • Cheese (Belegen)
  • Autumn leaves
  • Dutch cuisine: cooked Brussels spruit
  • Dutch sweets: Speculaas herbs
  • Hyacinthus

5 bottles 0.5 ml  for: 30 euro

You are welcome to the opening / presentation: from 16:00 on Sat., 19 Jan. at Kunstsuper


extracting the Dutch scents


  • Dutch drops
  • Dutch cheese - organic, belegen
  • speculaas herbs

maceration and decay - the workshop/exhibition is finished -

The result of the workshop given on 03-11-2007 The workshop of making perfume has been exhibited until the end of December.

Maceration and decay - they are very close to each other.

The perfume of Brussels sprouts has been almost rotten...
But the perfume of Dutch cheese was a success.

I'm going to filter and bottle them so that they could go back to the participants.

Here are the photos that I received from the organizer CBK Flevoland.

Extracting the scent of the dog:

Preparing for the extracting the baking bread's scent.

Work in progress - extracting during the opening.

Opening ceremony:

Preparation. Thank you for your help, Jane!