open rehearsal in London - Ukiyo

Next week I'll contribute myself to the open rehearsal of a performance piece Ukiyo in London.
I'll create olfactory experiences in the piece.

Here is the press release:

The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance &DAP-Lab
School of the Arts, Brunel University (West London) invite:

Ukiyo 2
[Moveable World]

International workshop with Visiting Artists from Japan
(Maison Artaud [dir. Hironobu Oikawa] and Keio University)

June 1 – June 6
DAP Lab /Antonin Artaud Studio 101, Brunel University, Cleveland Road, West London

Projected Schedule of Rehearsals

May 31 arrivals of Japanese artists begin / check in procedures

June 1 11:oo – 13:oo / 14:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / Doros - Katsura/DAP - Maki Ueda and Maison Artaud / Michael takeo Magruder visiting
June 2 11:oo - 13:oo / 14:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / Doros - Katsura - Maki Ueda and Maison Artaud/ Michael takeo Magruder visiting
June 3 11:oo - 13:oo/ 14:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / Doros - Katsura - Maki Ueda and Maison Artaud
June 4 14:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / DAP lab & Maison Artaud / Research & film shoot
June 5 13:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / DAP lab and Maison Artaud / film shoot
June 6 13:oo - 21:oo rehearsal / DAP lab and Maison Artaud / Research Encounter
June 7 (departure Japanese artists)

June 8- 13 computing and editing of all materials
Tuesday June 15; departure for Slovenia Tour / set up and rehearsals in Maribor
Wednesday June 16 get in and set up, rehearsals, lighting and space design, sound check, video check, network check
Thursday June 17, Tech and Dress rehearsals
Friday June 18 2o:oo premiere (http://www.kibla.org/napovednik/?no_cache=1
Saturday, June 19 late morning, community workshop for youth (performance and technologies)

After the first two labs at Brunel University (May 2009) and Keio University (December 2009), the forthcoming workshop is the third cross-cultural UKIYO workshop in performance, design and network technologies features artists and researchers from the DAP-Lab and Japanese partners from Keio University and Maison d’Artaud (Tokyo). The project involves collaborative research experimentation conjoining artistic, technological and scientific disciplines. Based on a design libretto for the composition of a mixed reality installation – Ukiyo - Moveable World – the workshop develops performance concepts for linking physical performance spaces with virtual spaces/Second Life and a diverse range of innovative wearable design and programming, including:

– choreographies with interactional design, sounding bodies & audio processing
– design for wearable garments and audiophonics
– photographic/videographic image composition for interactional performance
– scenographic concepts for real time processes in networked virtual environments
(telematic and Second Life)
– avatar performance and animation
– programming of mixed reality environments
– analysis of sensory processing, polyphonics, and multimodal perception

The workshop takes place every day from 14:oo to 21:3o in Antonin Artaud Studio 101. Interested observers are welcome.

The UKIYO project will be concluded in June 2010 with the ensemble touring Slovenia, with public exhibitions of UKIYO 2 and a workshop held at KIBLA in Maribor.

Website: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/dap/ukiyo3workshop.html
For further information, call +44 (0)1895 267 343
Or email: Johannes.Birringer@brunel.ac.uk

This project is supported by a PMi2/connect British Council research cooperation
Award, a grant by The Japan Foundation, and The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University


SMELL x ILLUSION: photos (2)

photos by: Tim Leguijt

Thank you Tim again for such lively photos!


  • lavender
  • french fries (self extract)
  • coffee (Omega Ingredients)
  • banana (Omega Ingredients)
  • Suriname's TOKO
  • Robijn(raw)
  • myrrhe
  • seaweed (self extract)
  • rose
  • beer (raw)
  • pizza (self extract)
  • cognac (raw)
  • chocolate (Omega Ingredients)
  • cardamon (Omega Ingredients)
  • speculaas spices (self extract)
  • coconut
  • camphor
  • BBQ chicken (self extract)
  • Chanel 5 (raw)
  • zwitsal (raw)


SMELL x ILLUSION: photos (1)

Thanks to Sae-chan for the photos!


05.16. Sun.

Back from Japan.

05.17. Mon.

・purchase some raw aroma ingredients at Labstuff
・talk over the project with Used Compressors
・talk over the project with CBK

05.18. Tue.

・13:00 Tank and compressors arrive.
・13:00 Assistant Oxalis arrive, meeting
・14:00 Preparations of sprays with Oxalis.
・16:00 CBK staff carries 1 compressor and 2 tanks (270 liter x 2) to the starting point of the boat.

・Fulling of the air tanks. Somehow it didnt' want to fill more than 5 bar... but we managed to fill it up to 8 bar.

・ 17:00 Load in the tanks on board.

・17:30 Start. Spraying 18 scents over 45 min.

・18:15 Back.

・19:00 Pre-celebration with Oxalis


In the morning, I received 6 raw ingredients from Omega Ingredients. The top quality of flavour of the world! I've adjusted the strength of the scents.

And further I've done shopping for extracting some smell.

Speculaas spices: the must have spice mix for the Dutch.

I've tried to extract the smell of the sea with diverse sorts of sea weed from Japan. Somehow water-base didn't work so I've made alcohol-base extract.

Extracting BBQ chicken.

Extracting the smell of 'patat' - the french fries. It's also the must have smell for the Dutch.

Extracting pizza smell.

The left one is the extract from pizza, and the right one is the extract from BBQ chicken.

Selecting which liquor smell to use. (I'm not drinking...)

I decided to use Robijn for the smell of washed clothes.

I wanted to have the smell of Surinam's Toko in the line. So I've extracted from the smoked fish.
(in the end it turned to the smell of smoked salmon)

05.20. Thu

Continued extraction works.

Composing the smell of forest. But it didn't work in the air.

With watching the video documentation of the boat trip, I've made a 'smelly' scenario.

05.21. Fri
In the morning - preparing my body and mind with yoga
19:30 premier!


SMELL x ILLUSION: successfully finished

CBK Dordrecht (Urban Explorers Festival)

Special Thanks to: